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More Profit.
More Professional.
More Freedom.

This could be your PT business.

The Business PT could transform your business 1 rep at a time. . . .



What did you imagine your  Personal Training Business would look like when you started?

Working hours to suit you and your lifestyle, freedom to be super selective on the clients you choose to work with, a waiting list and great hourly rates?



Instead, are you struggling to fill your diary, working with clients who are uninspiring just for the paycheck, working unsociable hours and have an income more up and down than a yo-yo?
This is the reality for the majority of personal trainers and most Personal Training businesses fail after just 12 months (, seeing huge amounts of time and money go up in smoke along with a young PT’s dreams.
This doesn’t have to be the case - and let me explain to you how you can turn your PT business around to give you a true lifestyle business.

Is your PT business making you poor and stopping you from having the lifestyle you want?

My name is Rob Elford

After walking out of a dead-end marketing job one Friday lunchtime in 2004 (I literally told the boss I was going for lunch and never went back!) I set up my Personal Training business.
I was 21 and (sad to say wrongly) believed that it was going to be straightforward to fill my diary with high paying clients, earn a great income and live happily ever after.


Fast-forward to April 2005 when I had to submit my very first tax return with the help from my Dad (if you work for yourself now you'll know all about this time of year!) and had to fill in my year's earnings from PT - 

Just £3,550.
Yes, for the whole year!

I'll never forget my dad saying to me. . . .

Calculate Savings_edited.png

‘I don’t think this personal training thing is going to work out for you son. Maybe it’s time to get a proper job.’

Thank God I didn’t listen to him. I never wanted a ‘proper job’, wearing a suit and tie and commuting to a soulless office. I wanted to be my own boss (mainly because I can’t stand being told what to do by other people and making them money), have control of my diary and above all, I wanted freedom.

A lot has changed since 2005 . . . . 


Amazing Client List 

And work the hours I choose


A FULL Wait List

To bring in new clients when needed


High Hourly Rates

The highest in the area


Free Time

To see my beautiful daughter grow up & be there


Grow Investments

I now own and run a growing property portfolio


I Love What I Do!

I have time and fun!


Fitness Portrait

It sounds like a fairy tale, but trust me, I’ve made more mistakes getting to this point than a gym newbie bicep curling in the squat rack! And I’m also going to shatter some dreams - it didn’t happen overnight.


But I know, knowing what I know now, making the mistakes I’ve made, that if I did it all again, I’d get to this position faster than a sprinter out the blocks.

What transformed my business?

Bike Racing

Easy - Treating it like a BUSINESS, not a past time, hobby or interest.

For us to be motivated by anything, it must resonate with us. That’s why I looked to sport to improve my business. If I could find a world class coach, winning at the very highest level with his/her teams and copy their ethos I was surely guaranteed success.


Enter Sir Dave Brailsford and his concept of Marginal Gains.


With his concept of marginal Gains, Sir Dave and his cyclists achieved 59 World Championships and countless Olympic Medals along with 6 Tour de France titles.


Next came the hunt for a business coach who could help me take the lessons of marginal gains and implement them into a personal training business. Once I hired the right coach, she helped my business become 23% more profitable overnight (absolutely true!!) and it hasn’t stopped.


How does The Business PT get results for trainers?

The concept

By taking Sir Dave Brailsford’s concept of marginal gains, improving your business by 1% at a time, The Business PT helps you build your business like you would build a client's physique - 1 rep at a time.

the journey

Although tiny, the changes you can implement quickly and easily, can bring huge rewards, knowing that just improving your business by 1% each week for 69 weeks will DOUBLE your business!!

the support

The Business PT leaves the training side to you and focuses on the business elements of your offering:

the results

Can you improve your cancellation policy by 1% to boost income?


Can you improve your invoicing system by 1% to improve cash flow?


Can you improve your legal paperwork by 1% to give you more time and security?

Have you thought about these 1% gains in your business?